She’s sentimental. She remembers details and dates. You’re told diamonds are her best friend. But, no. Special moments craft the narrative of your love… not something she can wear on her finger.

That’s just the pretty, tangible piece that reminds her of you.

Guess what really makes her happy?


Less stuff, more experiences.

A recent Forbes article explored the growth of the experience economy. 74% of people are prioritising experiences over products. And this doesn’t mean replacing that big diamond ring for a luxurious, $10K European summer.

Travel more, without boarding a plane

A quick Google search will give you a string of reasons why travel makes you happy. You don’t have to clock thousands of miles to experience this feeling, either. The benefits of travel can be felt, exploring your backyard.

This is good news, if you’re planning an anniversary. Because while perusing the streets of Paris is certainly romantic, pulling off a surprise trip to France won’t be easy (logistically and on your wallet).

A spontaneous anniversary weekend trip will be.

But, where should I travel?

In South Australia, we’re blessed with plenty of adventure options. The city, Barossa Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula and, of course, Adelaide Hills.

While each region has its own appeal, there’s something undeniably romantic about the Adelaide Hills.

The gorgeous wineries and restaurants for all versions of ‘date night.’
The sweeping views and endless rolling hills.
The cosiness of winter and adorable autumn. Colourful spring and welcoming summer.

With the gorgeous backdrop, world-class food and wine experiences, and hiking and cycling trails, you can’t really get it wrong in the Adelaide Hills. And when you’re ready for that touch of ‘luxury holiday’, check out at one of the endless spas for the day.

Still with a glass of bubbly in hand, of course.

Affordable accommodation in Hahndorf

Make Hahndorf your home for the weekend. It’s central to all the main experiences in the Hills… and an award-winning holiday resort.

Stay at the State’s Best Holiday Park in the Adelaide Hills, (two years in a row). Nestled on 13-hectares of rolling hills, give your love the gift of freedom for the weekend. If you’re both adventurous, bring your tent and camp in our tourist park. Want to treat her to a little more? Check our resort accommodation availability.

Get her a card, a little something, then make your weekend together, and the memories, the gift.

She’s going to love it.

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