A trip to the Greek Islands sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? What about an immersive trip to India? Exotic holidays are exciting, help build our empathy and push our personal limits. But, travel isn’t just long plane rides, customs lines and culture shock.

You can take these learnings home with you, and become a traveller in your own city, state or country. The beauty of travel is just as much the self-exploration as it is, the landscapes. If you adopt this perspective, you’ll see all the opportunities travel presents, right in front of you. And, you’ll save a 24-hour flight, too.

Why travel locally?

Because, there are SO many places to visit in Adelaide.

Adventuring in your own region, of course, keeps your travel budget low. You’ll save money, get there faster, and can explore more often. Go once a month, instead of yearly.

But the benefits don’t stop here. Travelling locally helps you see your home with fresh eyes (and hopefully, a newfound appreciation). Often, we need to leave and return, to comprehend just how great a place is. You’ll learn more about your local heritage and the people who gave it its identity.

You don’t have to worry about cultural differences, language barriers and safety, in the same way you would when abroad.

Just because you travel the world, doesn’t mean there aren’t unearthed lessons right there in your backyard. Find a mix between spontaneous weekend trips, 3-5-day adventures around the state, and your big overseas trips. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

Beaches, wine, food, parks, art, culture, Hills, hiking…

No, it’s not Italy, it’s South Australia.

This is the tip of the iceberg of all the things to do in South Australia. Become a traveller in your own home and explore all the Adelaide attractions. Hahndorf consistently makes every “places to visit in Adelaide” list, and for good reason.

Got a car and a sense of adventure? Check! Let spontaneity be your ‘itinerary’ and just organise your accommodation. For scenic camping (that’s basically glamping, ladies) or resort rooms, come and stay at the affordable Hahndorf Resort.

If you want to explore Hahndorf and the Adelaide Hills there’s no better place to base yourselves (we may be a bit biased, but our TripAdvisor reviews and string of tourism awards back this up).

For stays with all your creature-comforts check out our accommodation units: https://hahndorfresort.com.au/accommodation/

And, camping: https://hahndorfresort.com.au/caravan-park-camping/

Ready to explore South Australia’s attractions? Start your ‘travels’ in the Adelaide Hills.

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