If there’s one day we all plan months ahead for, it’s New Year’s Eve (apart from Christmas, of course). But with the last day of the year being a worldwide celebration, everyone’s doing something.

Accommodation fills up fast, restaurants get booked out and people settle into their summertime celebrations. Whether we go all out and book a holiday or opt for a low-key get together (with a barbie and good mates), it’s important to do it together as a family.

So when you all have different New Year’s party ideas, how can you decide on one thing? Use these tips to guide your thinking.

What Did You Do Last Year?

How did you spend New Year’s Eve ringing in 2018? And more importantly, who chose how you celebrated it? Was it you, your partner, or the kids? Maybe you decided together (good work)!

If you loved how you spent that night, would you consider making it a yearly tradition? Little holidays are a great way to create lasting memories as a family. Bring your friends along and have a trip to look forward to every year. The weather is always near perfect, so you can enjoy the best of what South Australia’s great outdoors’ has to offer, without it costing a bomb.

So, ask yourself this: do you want to try something new or create a family tradition?

What About Activities?

Make a list of all the things you love to do, individually and as a family. Compile them and see if you notice any crossovers or recurring themes. You could categorise the activities (for example, ‘adventure’) and work out if you can make room for various things.

For example, Mum might want to relax and host, while the kids prefer something outdoorsy. Get creative and design your day (or weekend) so it appeals to everyone.

What’s Your Budget?

We can’t forget about this important point. Is your budget important? Do you even have one? Knowing your financial limits should help you zero in on your best plans.

If you’re still thinking about how to spend New Year’s Eve with kids, why not pack your bags and camp (or caravan) at the Hahndorf Resort. We’ve got a wide range of facilities for the kids. Oh, and your pooch is welcome too!

All your New Year’s Eve ideas, all in the one place… your first resort.

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