Team-building Activities in the Adelaide Hills

What gets people closer and builds relationships? Experiences. You know, when you can all reminisce about ‘that time when….’ And for business teams, shared experiences are extremely important. If your team works closely on projects or if you’re welcoming new members, group activities will help improve the relationships. Doing things together outside a work setting


5 Reasons to Hold Your Business Event in Hahndorf

Have you got a business event coming up? Not sure where to hold it? Well, you guessed it. We’re going to talk all about Hahndorf. Not only is this gorgeously timeless Adelaide Hills town a short distance from the city and airport, perfect for any traveller, it also offers a wide range of team-building activities


5 Unmissable Outdoor Activities in the Adelaide Hills

When you think of the Adelaide Hills, adventure probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Images of peaceful townships nestled among idyllic rolling hills are more likely. But this is one of the reasons why the Adelaide Hills are so special – the variety of things to do. Whether you want to kick


Why Hahndorf is the Perfect Couple Getaway

When you think of a romantic getaway, what comes to mind? Chances are, there’s a cosy setting with bubbles and a relaxed vibe. Time seems to stand still, or at least it’s irrelevant, and the weekend is all about you two. There’s something special about the Adelaide Hills. You’ll feel it the minute you arrive.


Boutique Adelaide Hills Food and Drink You Must Try

While South Australia confidently holds the ‘food and wine’ title, there are specific areas in the state that help develop this identity. One of the leaders is, of course, the Adelaide Hills. Famous for adorable towns nestled between seemingly endless rolling hills, this area knows good food. If you’re staying in Hahndorf for a night


What Makes Adelaide Hills Unique?

There’s a lot of things that make the Adelaide Hills one of South Australia’s most visited regions. It doesn’t matter what season it is, there’s an undeniable Hills charm, all year round. Just 20 minutes from the city, this short drive takes you to what feels like another country. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re


The Ultimate Weekend in The Adelaide Hills

No matter what season it is, it’s always good to visit the Adelaide Hills. From the falling leaves that blanket the Hills’ cosy streets in Autumn or the wintery wineries, sipping red wine by the crackling fire, every season has its own flavour. But there are things to do in the Adelaide Hills that make


Hahndorf: The Perfect Weekend Escape from Adelaide

Romantic weekend getaways: in Adelaide, it’s possible any weekend. What comes to mind when you think of a romantic weekend getaway? Cosying up next to a crackling fire with a glass of red wine? Waking up to the sight of endless green, rolling hills? It sounds like every couple’s dream. Now, here’s the cool thing.


5 Kid-Friendly Things To Do In and Around Hahndorf

For kids, and big kids at heart, Hahndorf is the place to be. While the entire Adelaide Hills is synonymous for all types of outdoor fun, you could spend an entire day in Hahndorf (and its surroundings) alone. If you’re looking for things to do as a family, you’ll have plenty of options here. Here