When you think of the Adelaide Hills, adventure probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Images of peaceful townships nestled among idyllic rolling hills is more likely. But this is one of the reasons why the Adelaide Hills are so special – the variety of things to do.

Whether you want to kick back and relax on an ‘oh so the Hills’ Sunday drive or tie up your shoelaces and get out into nature, you can do it up in the Adelaide Hills.

But if you’re ready to raise your heartbeat and explore some of the Adelaide Hills national parks, this article is for you.

What’s your idea of an adventure?

There’s something for everyone in the Adelaide Hills.  

The first thing to do is work out your level of adventure. What type of experience are you looking for?

Let’s go through five things you can do in the Adelaide Hills nature and wildlife areas, starting at the most leisurely activity.

  1. Walking Mount Lofty.

No trip to the Adelaide Hills is complete without a walk up Mount Lofty. There’s a couple of path options, so take your pick depending how you feel. If you haven’t done it before, the view alone is worth it.

  1. Mountain biking, just about anywhere.

They don’t call it the Hills for nothing. This makes the whole region great for bike riding. Whether it’s at the Heysen or Mawson Trails, the Fox Creek / Cudlee Creek Trail Network or at Eagle Park Mountain Bike Park, here’s plenty of areas you can cycle.

  1. Horse riding.

While not exactly a thrill-seeking sport, it does take some courage to get up on a horse. But don’t worry – one of the riding schools in the Adelaide Hills is led by an Olympic silver medallist, so you’re in good hands. Can you think of a more picturesque way to seeing the Adelaide Hills than on horseback?

  1. Woodhouse Activity Centre.

For the kids (and kids at heart), the Woodhouse in Piccadilly is one of Australia’s best outdoor obstacle course centres. Bring the whole family there and enjoy up a sweat exploring the 54-hectare property in a fun atmosphere.

  1. Rock climbing.  

While climbing the face of a rock might not be everyone’s idea of fun, the option’s there if you’d like to challenge yourself. You can do it at Morialta Conservation Park thanks to its dramatic landscape. Rock Solid Adventure also has unbeatable scenery for rock climbing. The adventure park is home to waterfalls, fern gullies, forests, creeks, gorges, and ridges.

Just pack your sense of adventure, and you’re ready for a fun weekend exploring the great outdoors!


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